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At Del Monte, we're passionate about cultivating quality vegetables, fruits, and tomatoes. We grow with care on farms, many of which have been with us for generations, and preserve the wholesome goodness you'd expect from your own backyard garden.

Our tasty, nutritious produce is grown on a community of farms across the U.S.

In the San Joaquin Valley, summer approaches with the promise of fat, juicy peaches. In that same region, our tomatoes ripen less than 50 miles from our plant where we use a portion of solar energy in production. While out around Plover, Wisconsin, green bean fields stretch to the horizon. And in Blue Earth County—that's in Minnesota—the corn is growing up so sweet, we never have to add sugar.

About 95% of the food we produce is grown on farms in the USA, and it travels, on average, less than 100 miles from farm to manufacturing gate. We also partner with our growers on a variety of programs to yield healthy, productive crops while minimizing our impact to the earth's resources.

For example, since 1923, our seed program has allowed us to develop varieties that require less water and fewer pesticides to produce. Our Blue Lake green bean varieties, along with innovative growing practices, have increased yields by nearly 200%. That’s super planet-friendly because we’re helping conserve land, water, and energy.

With support programs like these, it’s no wonder that some farmers have been growing Del Monte® fruits and vegetables for 40 years—and many farms have been with us for four, even five generations.

Many of our farms have been with us for four, even five generations.

"Growing crops for Del Monte is really a partnership. It’s a longtime effort," says Allen Mize, our Director of Agricultural and Technical Services.