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Fruit Oats

Luscious Fruit, Wholesome Oats

Introducing our new Del Monte Fruit & Oats - the first ready-to-eat oatmeal with one full serving of fruit* plus 20g of whole grains. Our Fruit & Oats snack cups are a great new way to start your day and are delicious hot or cold. 

*Each container has 1 serving (1/2 cup) fruit per USDA Nutrient Data.

All Fruit Oats
Fruit Oats
  • Fruit Chia

    Snack Differently & Nutritiously

    A whole serving of fruit* with an added boost of chia seeds gives you a cup full of flavor, fiber, and 800mg of omega-3s.

    *Each container has 1 serving (1/2 cup) fruit per USDA Nutrient Data.

    All Fruit Chia
    Fruit Chia
  • Fruit Refreshers

    Unexpected flavors, exciting combinations, refreshing fruit waters.

    It's the Fruit Cup® all grown up!

    All Fruit Refreshers
    Fruit Refreshers
  • Fruit Cup Snacks

    Delicious Nutrition To Go

    For breakfast or as a lunchbox favorite, Fruit Cup® Snacks add a little sweetness to your day.

    Try it & Save!

    All Fruit Cup Snacks
    Fruit Cup Snacks
  • Snack Sized Cans

    Our Orchard's Best for Your Pantry

    Packed at the peak of ripeness to capture the fresh flavor and essential nutrients your family craves.

    All Snack Sized Cans
    Snack Sized Cans
  • Refrigerated Fruit Snacks

    Cool and Naturally Refreshing

    Sun-sweetened goodness, fully prepped and ready to enjoy. Chilling in your grocer's produce section.

    All Refrigerated Fruit Snacks
    Refrigerated Fruit Snacks