A Proud Minnesota Farming Family That Gives Back 

Matt Tiffany’s family comes from a long line of farmers in the state of Minnesota. Pillars of their local community, the Tiffany family pride themselves on protecting and maintaining our environment for generations to come. Being a part of Del Monte affords them the chance to improve soil quality year over year, resulting in increased crop volume for feeding people across the country. Seeing the positive opportunities and values of raising a farming family, the Tiffany’s goal is to leave the land they farm in better condition for future generations and help others learn about how we can all work together to make a positive impact on the image of current farming practices.


When they’re not farming, the Tiffany Family enjoys spending time together, heading north to the lake, being outdoors and volunteering in their community.


Del Monte Grower Since: 2000

Location: Minnesota

What they grow: Sweet Corn

Tiffany Family Farms