Four generations of farming history in Washington State


Beginning as sheep herding homestead in 1934, Lenzie Ranch has grown to incorporate dryland wheat and vegetable family to meet the growing demand of agriculture. Growing an average of 1,000 acres a year of Del Monte vegetables, Lenzie Ranch maintains the cutting edge of technology, safe food, and sustainability. They’ve implemented no till, minimum till, and irrigation water management to help the farm achieve it’s sustainability gorals. Being a Del Monte farm is a badge of honor and a standard of quality that is at the core of why Lenzie Ranch is committed to providing safe food with minimal impact on the earth.  


When not in the field, the Lenzie Ranch, led by the Berg family loves to hunt and travel.


Del Monte Grower Since: 2000

Location:Washington State 

What they grow: Sweet Corn, Peas, Lima Beans, dry bean seed

Lenzie Farms