They know a thing or two about growing wholesome vegetables! 

Four generations ago, WorzellaFarms started growing vegetables on a small 28-acre farm, adding acreage and experience with each year, and each generation. This experience combined with modern farming techniques allows Worzellato grow wholesome, high-quality vegetables while protecting the earth by further enriching the soil of their 4,250 acre farm each year. WorzellaFarms loves working for Del Monte, a leader in the industry, as Del Monte cares about their growers.

When they’re not growing, farming, tilling, and measuring, and remeasuringall the goodness in the soil, the family likes to travel, play a few rounds of golf, and of course, hunt and fish; the farm to table spirit follows them in all aspects of their lives. 


Del Monte Grower Since: 1969


What they grow: Green Beans, Sweet Corn, Potatoes

Worzella and Sons