Serves 4

Prep time 5 min.

Cook time 20 min.


2 medium onions, cut into 8 wedges each

1 Tbsp. vegetable oil

1 can (14.5oz.) Del Monte® Sliced Beets, well drained

1 can (8.25oz.) Del Monte® Sliced Carrots, well drained

2 tsps. grated fresh ginger

Salt and black pepper, optional


  1. Preheat broiler.

  2. Line a large rimmed baking sheet with foil.

  3. Toss onions in oil on foil, coating evenly, and arrange in a single layer.

  4. Broil onions 15 minutes or until richly browned on the edges. Add beets and carrots to onions, stir gently and broil 2 minutes or until hot.

  5. Remove from broiler; sprinkle with ginger and season to taste with salt and pepper, if desired. Seal vegetables in foil and let stand 5 minutes for flavors to develop.


VARIATION: To make Herb Roasted Vegetables, prepare the recipe as directed, except substitute 1 tsp. chopped fresh rosemary for ginger.

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