Serves 4

Prep time 10 min.

Cook time 1 hr. 5 min.


3 cans (8oz.ea.) Del Monte® Tomato Sauce, divided

4 medium green bell pepper, halved lengthwise, seeds removed

12 oz. lean ground beef

1 cup diced zucchini

½ cup diced onion

½ cup uncooked white rice

1 can (14.5oz.) Del Monte® Diced Tomatoes, drained

uncooked white rice


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.

  2. Pour 2 cans tomato sauce in a 13x9-inch baking dish. Place peppers, cut side up, over tomato sauce.

  3. Combine remaining ingredients in a medium bowl. Spoon mixture into pepper halves.

  4. Cover and bake 50 minutes or until peppers are tender crisp. Uncover and bake 15 minutes or until rice is tender. Spoon sauce over stuffed peppers.

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