The Del Monte name premiers

The Del Monte name premiers


The Cannery is Built

The Cannery; A San Francisco landmark

One of San Francisco's treasured landmarks, The Cannery was built in 1907 and by 1909 was the largest fruit and vegetable cannery in the world. 


The Shield is Introduced

The Del Monte Shield

Del Monte puts Quality at the center of its brand promise. Early ads assure customers that the brand's seal is "Not a label-but a guarantee."


Packaging Innovation

The Del Monte Three-Piece Can

The sanitary three-pieces can replaces hand-soldered containers to better preserve product integrity.


Leaders in Nutritional Labeling

Del Monte labeling process

Del Monte becomes the first major U.S. food producer to voluntarily adopt nutritional labeling on all food products.


Del Monte Grows

Tripling in size, Del Monte expands

By now, the brand has nearly tripled in size, expanding its portfolio to provide more quality products for its customers.


A Promise Renewed

Del Monte Quality logo

Del Monte introduces a new shield, bringing its quality promise to life for a new generation of consumers.

Our Farmers

Del Monte farmer

Throughout our history, multi-generation partnerships with family farms have ensured commitment and consistent attention to quality.