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Leaf Spinach

Leaf Spinach

Del MonteĀ® selects only the highest quality spinach, then packs it within hours to assure you and your family the very best in flavor. Available in 7.75, 13.5 and 27 oz. cans.

Sizes Available: 13.5 oz., 7.75 oz., 27 oz.

Ingredients: Spinach, Water, Salt (for flavor)

Recipes With This Product

Layered Spinach Dip

This ultimate party appetizer is low in calories and bursting with zesty flavor. Try it with crackers, pita pieces or sliced veggies.

View Recipe.

Simple Spinach and Scallion Dip

The perfect party calls for the perfect appetizer. This warm, low-calorie dip is quick and easy to make. Great with crackers, pita chips or sliced veggies.

View Recipe.

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