The origins of our sustainability program began nearly 100 years ago when we started developing our own plant varieties. Today, a significant part of our sustainability efforts focus on agriculture and operations, but we have expanded our initiatives to create a balanced dedication to people, the planet and our performance.

We now set aggressive 10-year goals to decrease our usage of water, electricity, natural gas and diesel fuel as well as reducing our generation of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, we established these goals in 2009*:

  • 20% reduction in fresh water usage per ton of finished product from production facilities
  • 75% reduction in solid waste going to landfill per ton of finished product from production facilities
  • 10% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per ton of finished product from production facilities
  • 15% reduction in packaging materials per pound of product

In cases such as water usage and waste diversion, we’ve made great strides and are already surpassing the goals we set. As a result, we are re-evaluating to ensure we continue to build on these accomplishments.

In addition to achieving these goals, our success will be determined by affecting positive change—in the towns we live in and the larger global community—and remaining committed to the sustainability journey.

As part of that journey, we also encourage you to recycle your Del Monte cans, plastic cups, and glass jars! You can explore the Can Central website for insight into the sustainability benefits of using steel cans.

* We set our baseline year as 2007 with a target year of 2016. All reduction goals are based on the calendar year.